Iron man

July 17, 2008

[Updated July 18]

Truth can be stranger than fiction. Supratim Dutta, 23, was involved in a road accident when a five feet, two inches long iron rod pierced the upper half of his body. Following a six-hour long surgery, Dutta survived to tell the tale. Read the story in The Times of India here.

And, for details on how doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences performed the tricky surgery, read The Hindu report

Doctors at the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences are calling it a miracle and 22-year-old Supratim Dutta’s family hasn’t stopped thanking their gods for having allowed their son to live to tell about his miraculous escape.

Doctors at the Institute’s Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre had a few days ago operated on Mr. Dutta managing to remove an over five-feet-long iron rod, which had pierced through the upper part of his abdomen and had come out of the chest on the left side. Now recuperating at the hospital, Mr. Dutta is stable but critical. Doctors are now keeping an eye out for any infections or other complications after the surgery.



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